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HELLO WORLD MISSION REPORT--FAR NORTH COMMAND--10/13/2021 The latest news coming from the Mayan Peninsula is that the state of Quintana Roo (AKA QROO) is or will be moving to green. This color signifies the normal health of the state (COVID colors). It does not mean that the pandemic has stopped but most of the COVID restrictions are being reduced. I believe that mask wearing is still in force for the public areas--stores and dining places so stay safe and wear your mask when you venture out. We also ask that you carry both your mask and regulator back to your residence after each dive trip. Although all of our staff has been vaccinated, we feel that this small bit of additional safety is in order for the near future. I suggest a regulator bag, or back pack or shopping bag of some sort to carry your reg and mask and also a big note to not forget them the next day. Gracias. The airlines still require proof of a negative covid test before boarding a flight back to the US. This is a USA mandate and until it has been rescinded, Covid tests are still needed. The pricing on testing has gone down. The International Hospital next to the dive shop offers tests on a walk in or appointment basis. I believe the price is $450 pesos or around $23usd. Many hotels offer testing in house so check with your residence of choice. The cruise industry has started its come back. There are at least one ship in a day and two ships in port a couple of time a week. These numbers will surely climb as the season progresses. Our reservation numbers are on the increase, but still below pre covid numbers. Jeanie continues to answer all emails and schedule clients-- both old timers and newbies. Pony and Julio man the dive shop while Jose and George guide the divers. Chan Fran and Tiburon drive the boats and get us there and back safely. I am very fortunate to have these terrific individuals continuously working to make Tres Pelicanos better and better. We all look forward to seeing all of you PELICANS --especially our Canadian Pelicans --in the near future. One picture is my wetsuit with the first of our logo patches. After this one Cyndie modified it to include the wording TRES PELICANOS. I will have a few available when I am down next week. Production cost on the patches has gone up, --perhaps a glass of wine or a donation to the Cyndie Patch fund, may be applicable. STINGER OUT