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Learn to Scuba Dive in the warm, clear waters of Cozumel, Mexico!

You have seen colorful coral and fish while snorkeling - why not join them and learn to scuba dive? You can become a PADI certified scuba diver with Tres Pelicanos Dive Center in as little as three days. Once certified, you are certified for life and scuba diving can be part of any future vacation, whether it be back to Cozumel, or any place where there is water to explore.

We are a PADI affiliated dive shop. We use a combination of three different instructors. All of them are very professional and have many years of experience.

PADI Discover Scuba®

Wonder what it’s like to breathe underwater?  Ready to find out, but not sure scuba diving is for you?  Then try Discover Scuba Diving where you will learn how to use scuba equipment in shallow water and get a quick introduction into what it takes to explore the underwater world.

Discover Scuba Diving with Tres Pelcanos Dive Center
Activity Price Comments
Discover Diving

$75.00 + tax- $87tax inc

From shore
Discover Boat Diving


$161.24 tax inc

Must have recently completed Discover Diving
class & have signed paperwork from Instructor
Discover Diving + Discover Boat Diving

 $189.00 + tax $219.24 tax inc 

Shore dive + boat dive
All prices US Dollars + local taxes

PADI Certification & Learning
PADI Scuba Diving Certification & Learing with Tres Pelcanos Dive Center
 Activity Price  Comments
* FULL Open Water Certification $429.00+Tax= $497.64
Life-long certification to dive anywhere in the world
*Open Water
Referral Dives
$249.00+tax= $288.84  If you have already begun your certification course, our PADI Open Water Referral Dives will help to complete your certification
Advanced Open Water Certification $379.00 +tax= $439.64   Expands your knowledge and pleasure of scuba diving
Refresher Class $69.00 +tax= $80 A quick lesson to freshen up on skills you may have forgotten
All prices US Dollars + local taxes and include all dive gear and crewpack--email for info on PADI elearning.

Upon completion of certification, you will receive a temporary PADI Certification Card to use until your permanent card is mailed.

  • *BONUS - all open water students have free use of their dive gear for continued diving.
  • Lower certification class prices for using pre-booked dives from your dive package
  • Other specialties available - email for prices

Special Certification Offer - PADI Enriched Air Diver

$170.00 + taxes for one
Includes: Instructor, required book and 2 Nitrox tanks

Enriched Air NITROX is available to all PADI Enriched Air Divers on all dive boat trips
 (after certification, nitrox is avaialble in both 32 & 36% at a $10.00 surcharge per  tank taxes included.)

Tres Pelicanos and PADI recommend Divers Alert Network (DAN), a nonprofit scuba diving and dive safety association, and encourages all divers to become DAN members.  DAN operates a diving medical information line and offers Dive Accident Insurance and emergency medical evacuation assistance.
There is an outstanding DAN affiliated hyperbaric recompression chamber located near our Cozumel dive shop, however the price can be quite high (>$1,000/per hour) without DAN Dive Accident Insurance.

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