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Welcome to Tres Pelicanos Dive Center!

We are building our Cozumel diving business – one satisfied diver at a time. 
TRES PELICANOS DIVE CENTER is a name recognized around the world.  We have satisfied thousands of divers who now return to scuba dive in Cozumel with Tres Pelicanos from all over the globe. They have shared their scuba diving experiences with us through social media.  Many new visitors have read their reviews and have chosen to dive with us as well - check out what they say about scuba diving in Cozumel with Tres Pelicanos on TripAdvisor.  

What makes our Cozumel scuba dive shop different?  
To start,
bottom times of 70 minutes are not unusual when Cozumel scuba diving with Tres Pelicanos.  While safety is always our first concern, our dive masters will allow you to dive your profile tailored to your own experience. 

No Crossed Fins on the Skinny Shark

Also, our dive boats are very fast and exceptionally comfortable. The SKINNY SHARK and the LOANSHARK each have a 300 horse power Yamaha outboard. Almost identical, they each provide a covered top that allow respite from both sun and the occassional rain shower. Each boat is equipped with life jackets, radio, emergency oxygen and camera rinse tubs. Both have passed their yearly inspection by the harbor master. Both are licensed to operate within the boundaries of the national marine park.
With our signature orange color and shark mouth nose art, they are easy to identify when divers surface. Our boat captains are very experienced. Together with the DIVE MASTER, they make a formidable team that works hard to make your dives memorable and safe. Why don't you come aboard and become a member of our PELICAN family.

Finally, our experienced staff works very hard to make your Cozumel dive vacation simple.  Our staff speaks English & Spanish, emails are answered promptly, and all arrangements are organized by Jeanie, who has years of Cozumel diving and travel experience.

Our service includes:

  • Transport to/from the caleta (marina) from our dive shop located down town
  • Pick up and drop off to/from hotel dock south of the caleta
  • Storing, rinsing & hanging your dive gear and bringing it on board for your next dive day

If you have any any questions or wish to make arragements, email Jeanie at


Rates and Cozumel Dive Packages

Tres Pelicanos offers Cozumel scuba diving at affordable prices.  We want every diver to get the most bang out of their dollar. Our dive plan is to have every diver dive their own profile - dive your tank or your computer safely 70 minutes or 700 psi! (note however, we do not do "deco diving").
Email with Questions and for Reservations

Tres Pelicanos Cozumel Diving Rates
Two Tank Boat Dives $78.00 + tax=$90.48
2 to 4 Days of Two Tank Boat Dives $76.00 + tax=$88.16 
Five-Day Dive Packages $350.00 + tax=$406.00
One Tank Night Dive $49.00 + tax=$54.52
Two Tank Twilight Dives $79.00 + tax=$91.64
NITROX 32% & 36%   $10.00 surcharge
Personal Dive Master to dive with
you on your Two-Tank Boat Dives
 $69.00 + tax=$80.04
All prices are in US Dollars * Tax rates are 16% on diving 

Cozumel Dive Packages from Dive and Travel Cozumel
Tres Pelicanos has partnered with some great Cozumel hotels and offers some of the very best Cozumel dive packages for Cozumel scuba diving.  We will always work to get you the most cost effective hotel and dive package available.

Email for Reservations or check out more packages at

Hotel and dive packages are available with these hotels: 

  • Casa Mexicana
  • Colonial Suites
  • Bahia Suites
  • Barracuda
  • Hotel Cozumel
  • Villa Blanca

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